Water Meter Replacement Project

Upgrading Westfield's Water Meters

Beginning in late 2018 the City of Westfield will be removing existing water meters and replacing them with upgraded meters that allow advanced remote reading and issue monitoring via radio transmission. East National Water, LLC of Palmer, MA has been contracted to perform the replacement. With over 11,000 meters being replaced, this project will take over a year to complete. 

How it Works

Residents will be notified via postcard when it is their turn to schedule an appointment for replacement. Three postcards will be sent if needed: First, Second, Third and Final. Once an appointment is scheduled a one-hour appointment window will be needed with a responsible adult at least 18-years old present at the meter installation location. For security purposes, meter installers will be wearing company uniforms, using vehicles with company logos, and will be carrying company issued photo ID driver's licenses. Please do not contact East National Water to arrange an appointment until you have received your post card.

Sensus iPERL
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Meters will be replaced at no cost to the homeowner, however, some existing conditions may need to be resolved by the homeowner for the meter replacement to be completed. This may include meters that are unable to be accessed, plumbing issues, or unsafe working conditions. 

If you have any questions regarding this program please contact us via email dpw@cityofwestfield.org or by calling the Westfield Water Resources Division at (413) 572-6226.

About the Upgraded Meters

The new Sensus iPERL meters will allow the city to use Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) that will provide better customer service, reduce operational costs and allow greater access to data. The meters transmit data wirelessly through a radio transmitter which allows the City to reduce recording errors, and virtually eliminating time-consuming manual meter reading altogether. The AMI obtains readings much more frequently that traditional meter reading practices as well, which gives the City and customers accurate information about abrupt or abnormal water consumption changes when billing issues arise. Learn more about RF and Smart Meters.

Radio Transmitter

Your Existing Water Meter

(If installed prior to 2018-2020 Meter Replacement Project)

Your water meter is a standard 5/8″ water meter, which reads in gallons. The reading is taken from left to right. If the reading on this meter is 116960, this is equivalent to 116,960 gallons. The small diamond shaped object on the meter is a low flow indicator. This can help in determining if there are water leaks in your home.

  • Typical Meter Pads - Your meter pad is designed to be read electronically from the outside of your house. Under normal circumstances the meter reader does not need to enter your home to obtain a meter reading.
  • Radio Read Transmitter - For some services where it is difficult to have access to a meter pad, a radio transmitter may be installed to allow a remote meter reading from the street. Additionally, all new water services are being equipped with this feature.
  • Typical Meter Installation - This is what a typical meter setup would look like in your home. It is generally in the basement where the water line enters the home. The meter pad is usually outside the building in this area.