Wetland Do's & Don'ts

Minor Wetland Approved Activities

Some minor activities near wetlands are allowed and do not require commission approval, including mowing an existing lawn, working in an existing garden, pruning and maintaining existing landscaping, planting native vegetation, hiking, horseback riding, and other passive recreation or the manual cleaning of culverts.

Wetland Work that Needs Commission Approval

If you plan to do any work in a wetland, within 100 feet of a wetland, or within 200 feet of a stream or river, such as tree or vegetation removal or clearing, grading, excavation or paving, new landscaping or new construction or additions, or any other activity that might alter wetlands or their buffer zones, you must contact the Conservation Commission.

Other activities prohibited in wetland resource areas are subject to fines (some are allowed, but only with a permit) such as removing vegetation, dumping yard waste such as leaves, grass, etc, or other waste products (including manure), constructing animal paddocks, dumping dirt or other fill, draining or pumping water to or from a wetland, building dams or removing beaver dams.

Wetlands function best in a natural state. Do not clear them or clean them up. Wildlife often thrives in areas with brush piles, rotting logs, and other things some people might consider untidy.