Do you offer childcare during the summer?

Yes. The Park and Recreation department has a program in the summer called Adventure Zone. Full childcare Ages 5-12 a full day camp. Hours 7:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. Participants bring a lunch with ice pack or cooler, water and snacks. Call the department with any questions or attend our parent meeting listed in our brochure. All payments are due the Friday before each Monday online or in person. The staff does not accept payments for the program, only field trip payments. A newsletter will go out each week letting you know what field trips are scheduled. Adventure Zone will offer a rich program experience for participants. Activities include, but not limited to arts and crafts, sports, tournaments, field trips, swimming once a week, guest speakers and visits to the spray park.

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1. Where are you located and phone number?
2. Can I register by phone, fax or on site?
3. Can my child be on a team with a friend or for carpooling?
4. Programs don’t start until summer should I register now?
5. Can I receive a refund if I decide to cancel?
6. What if I can’t afford a program?
7. If a program is filled up do you take a wait list?
8. Do you offer childcare during the summer?
9. Are you hiring?
10. Are you looking for volunteers?
11. How do I make a donation to help a child?
12. How do we reserve a park?
13. Who do I contact regarding a torn flag in any parks?
14. Can I reserve a date for my child's birthday party at the Municipal, Chapman, or Sadie Knox Spraypark Playgrounds?
15. Can we have a dog birthday party at Arms Brook Park's dog friendly area?