Smoke & CO Inspections

A Certificate of Compliance is required for the sale or transfer of a property (M.G.L. c 148 s.26).  

How do I make a smoke detector inspection?

Due to the COVID-19, inspections are not being scheduled at this time due to the Governor’s Emergency Executive Orders.  Please visit the smoke detector information page to view a copy of the executive orders.

How much does a smoke detector inspection cost?

The cost for a single family residence is $40.  For multiple family homes, the cost is $40 for the first unit and $10 for each additional unit (2 Family = $50; 3 Family = $60).

The smoke detector requirements are available on the Fire Department website.  The year the house was built will determine which informational sheet to use.  However, if the property was renovated with additional bedrooms, added an attached garage or included major alterations such as gutting, re-configuring bedroom walls, installing hard-wired smoke detectors, etc, the year these renovations were performed will supersede the original construction date.