Boards & Commissions

  1. Board of Assessors

    Works in conjunction with the Assessor’s Office to effectively price and evaluate city property and real estate.

  2. Board of Health

    Oversees the Health Department and ensure the public health and safety of the residents of Westfield.

  3. Board of Public Works

    Ensures the Department of Public Works is using their time and resources efficiently. They assist with setting policies and awarding contracts.

  4. Board of Registrars

    Works with the City Clerk Office in an effort to making voting as easy and efficient to all capable voters throughout the City of Westfield. Their mission is to gain voter awareness for all upcoming elections and positions.

  5. Cable Television Commission

    An advisory board to the mayor, the commission’s responsibility is to monitor any cable television service provider’s license compliance in the city and to hear and facilitate resolution of customer complaints regarding customer service.

  6. Commission for Citizens with Disabilities

    The Commission for Citizens with Disabilities strives to enable and facilitate the full integration and participation of people with disabilities in the City of Westfield.

  7. Community Preservation Committee

    Administers the city’s Community Preservation Act program, adopted by public referendum in 2002.

  8. Conservation Commission

    Works to protect and enhance wetlands and wildlife habitat, to maintain natural resources, and to preserve the quality of life for all inhabitants of Westfield.

  9. Council On Aging Board

    The Council on Aging sets policy and direction of services for all older adults (60+) in Westfield. The mission of the Westfield Council On Aging is to maximize the independence of older adults.

  10. Cultural Council

    Awards local grants in the areas of the arts, humanities and the interpretive sciences.

  11. Fire Commission

    The Fire Commission is the appointing authority charged with the management and control of Officers and Firefighters in the Fire Department. They oversee organization, policies and operation plans.

  12. Flood Control Commission

    Monitors and reports on dikes and waterways vital to the city’s interest.

  13. Historical Commission

    Responsible to preserve, protect, and develop the city's historical and archeological assets.

  14. License Commission

    The License Commission serves the public needs and protects the common good by ensuring that all licensees governed by the Commission operate in compliance with all laws of the Commonwealth.

  15. Municipal Light Board

    Governing board of Westfield Gas & Electric and provides management oversight of the department.

  16. Off-Street Parking Commission

    The Off Street Parking Commission establishes public, off-street automobile parking facilities and fosters provisions for commercial, special and cooperative off-street parking facilities in the city.

  17. Parks & Recreation Commission

    Sets policies and advises the City Council on needed parks and recreation programs; and plan, acquire and develop recreation facilities, parks and open space areas to meet future needs as the city grows.

  18. Planning Board

    Prepares and adopts comprehensive plans for the city regarding such elements as land use, natural and cultural resources, and socio-economic concerns.

  19. Police Commission

    The Police Commission is the appointing authority for full time, reserve, special and auxiliary police officers. Per Section 14-1, they oversee operational plans and organization of the Department.

  20. Public Safety Communications Commission

    Charge, management and control of the employees of the Public Safety Communications Center and the power to make such lawful rules for their discipline.

  21. Retirement Board

    The Retirement Board has the responsibility for retiring City employees who are members of the Retirement System and of investing the funds that are collected from the members of the system.

  22. School Committee

    The School Committee formulates general policies reflecting the educational expectations of the community and adoption of the budget.

  23. Traffic Commission

    The Traffic Commission is responsible for all traffic issues in the City. They investigate and make recommendations to the City Council for review.

  24. Water Commission

    Charge, control, and management of the waterworks, water supply, and wastewater treatment systems of the city

  25. Westfield Airport Commission

  26. Westfield Housing Authority

  27. Westfield Redevelopment Authority

  28. Youth Commission

    Attempts to create an environment in which young people and adults can communicate their thoughts and ideas about the city.

  29. Zoning Board of Appeals

    Promotes the public health, safety, convenience and welfare, encouraging the most appropriate use of land and conserving property value.