Adult Softball Leagues

The department offers a spring league, summer league and fall adult softball program for men and women or your gender. 

In order to play you the "'Team Captain" needs to be registered and paid in full with your name, address, phone number and email address on a program registration form with ID number from the brochure with payment before you can play or practice. And a list of your team players for roster. See forms on bottom of page. 

This department is under new management who is Scott Hathaway, Deputy Superintendent of Parks and Recreation and we are making sure you follow the guidelines that have always been in place. Please do not ask the department staff to hold your spot until your paid. Your team will not be added to the game schedule until you do, no exceptions!  Thank you! 

Once you are registered the team captain will receive a receipt from the registration system and then the Program Coordinator will contact you regarding additional fees to pay referees or scorekeepers. This is on your own not through the department. So please make sure the breakdown of the whole program is explained to you in detail. There is one fee for Parks and Recreation Dept. Other wise you will receive your returned check until you correct it.  If you get a sponsor for a team please make sure you get two checks, one payable to: Westfield Parks and Recreation Dept. and one for you for referees or t-shirts or collect form your team players. No cash will be accepted the team captain needs to drop-off a check or money order. 

Check back in March 2018 for details and forms and fees for the spring program or check the brochure.